I am a mom, a grandma, a wife, a student, and a crafting enthusiast! During the day I work full time and now that my boys are adults I am also focused on finishing school and obtaining a Bachelor's in Business.

In my free time I spend my evenings and weekends enjoying date nights, girls days, visits with the grandkids, studying and crafting! I've always been into crafting even as a child; needlepoint arts, specifically cross stitching is my favorite. Most projects I complete have been for me or given as a gift.

Custom ‘Strassing’ is not a common term, but it is basically the art of blinging an item with stones or crystals. I started with just personal items, my own personal mug and water bottle. Then gifts for family and friends.

One day I posted on Facebook and Instagram a blinged out mug I made, and I had no idea it would generate so much attention. I immediately got requests without even trying to sell!!! It wasn’t my intention yet to even start selling anything. As I started posting the different items, more requests would come. Even larger quantity requests!

This inadvertently pushed me to put my work out there; because truth be told I'm kind of an introvert when it comes to my crafting. I like the precision and detail required to complete a project, as well as the calming effect it has on me. The requests I get often challenge me, since the majority have been custom items. They allow me to use my creativity and push myself to create the perfect item for that person.

Xtramild, my business, allows me to do what I enjoy and bring some shine into others’ lives!
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